Beltzhoover Projects

What are we doing in Beltzhoover?


Haberman Corridor & McKinley Park Master Plans

McKinley Park and the Hilltop communities share a rich history.  As partnered clients, Hilltop Alliance and the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy are combining efforts to improve two adjacent Hilltop assets - McKinley Park and the Haberman Avenue Corridor.  One team will be selected to lead the two interconnected planning projects, with the shared intention of creating a roadmap for achieving integrative green space rooted in the connectivity of assets that revitalizes the neighborhood and results in catalytic projects. 

Haberman Corridor

The goal of the Haberman Avenue Corridor Plan is to leverage a public greenway in order to revitalize the neighborhood's housing market.  A phased-in housing development fronting onto a newly-constructed Haberman Avenue Greenway would accomplish many goals, including:

- Stimulating existing housing market equity with new development;
- Connecting light rail transit, recreation, trail, and park assets;
- Reclaiming vacant and abandoned property; and,
- Providing greenway maintenance through fees generated by a housing association (even though the greenway would remain an open, public asset).

McKinley Park

The overarching goal of the McKinley Park Master Plan is to develop an implementable vision for park improvements, guided by stormwater management and weaving the threads of history and contemporary community life together into a beautiful, safe, active, accessible, and sustainable park.  This project will help bring the park a new level of usability and popularity, while preserving its historical significance for current and future generations.